Discover the palaces of Marrakech (architecture, decoration, art of living)

palais de marrakech

Marrakech is a city with an unparalleled creative effervescence. From the hustle and bustle of Jemaa El Fna Square and its bubbling souks, to its winding and busy streets, Marrakech is a bustling city of contrast. It dazzles you with colors, where the ochre of its medina is sublimated by the infinite colors of objects sold and displayed in its streets. It delights you with scents, where the spices and aromas of sellers and restaurants take you in their path. And finally you marvel at his creativity. Woodworking, tannery, leather goods, music and cooking, the sources of inspiration are inexhaustible. At the heart of this broth of life, hidden behind large imposing doors, the palaces of Marrakech offer you a haven of peace where this same creativity transports you in a cocoon of softness and sophistication.

Tips for investing in luxury real estate in Marrakech

investir dans l'immobilier

Investing in luxury real estate in Marrakech can be attractive in many ways, as the Moroccan metropolis benefits from countless assets. In recent years, the city has witnessed numerous urban planning projects and hotel and luxury residences built by reputable and high-end hotel groups such as Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons to name a few. A must-see for the unforgettable holidays it offers, the city with its colourful alleys is full of many historical and architectural monuments that make it a great place to live. Finally, the city attracts an affluent clientele through its offer of highly reputed golf courses making it the must-see golfing capital.

Make good real estate investments

investissements immobiliers

Make good real estate investments 5 janvier 2023 admin4123 Only a few hours from France, Marrakech is positioned as a major hub for trade and tourism between North Africa and Europe. Its strategic location and economic growth offer many real estate opportunities for investors. Marrakech, a strategic position to invest in real estate An essential […]

Buy a Boutique Hotel in Marrakech

acheter une maison d'hôtes à Marrakech

Like many French people, you may want to leave everything behind to live elsewhere and embark on a new project. Opening a guest house in Marrakech is an ambitious project, but it’s really worth it, for different reasons. Indeed, Moroccan real estate is very affordable and this will allow you to live in a beautiful setting throughout the year.

Rent a riad for your holidays in Marrakech

louer un riad

Have you decided to go to Morocco for a holiday with family or friends? Do not hesitate to choose the rental of a riad in Marrakech in order to live a totally unique experience. Indeed, by living in a traditional and luxurious Riad of Morocco, you will be able to enjoy all the necessary comforts, while soaking up the traditions and Moroccan culture. Discover why renting a riad for holidays in Morocco is really interesting.

5 good reasons to invest in a riad in Marrakech

You are looking to invest abroad, but you don’t know what or where? Why not try the adventure by investing in a riad in Marrakech? These architectural jewels are waiting for you to live there or to rent them to the thousands of tourists who walk every year the land of the red city. A deal to make! We prove it with these five arguments.