A Title is a definitive and unassailable property right relating to immovable property (built or not). The Registration Requisition is the stage of transformation of the Melkia into a  Title. The requisition stage is safer and more precise than the Melkia, but can theoretically be the subject of disputes. It takes between 1 and 3 months to obtain a Registration Requisition number, after which it takes around 1é months to obtain a title number. As long as the property is under the Registration Requisition regime, the opposition deadlines are open. But practice shows that there have never been any disputes over registration requisitions beyond the demarcation by the land registry. Indeed, the date of the demarcation is the subject of a publication (B.O., administrations, etc.), and any person wishing to oppose or contest this right can appear on that day. It is also the decisive step which sets the limits of the property. The notary fees are the same whether the property is completely titled or in the process of being titled, i.e. in requisition for registration.