Rent a riad for your holidays in Marrakech

3 juillet 2022

Valérie Baradat

Have you decided to go to Morocco for a holiday with family or friends? Do not hesitate to choose the rental of a riad in Marrakech in order to live a totally unique experience. Indeed, by living in a traditional and luxurious Riad of Morocco, you will be able to enjoy all the necessary comforts, while soaking up the traditions and Moroccan culture. Discover why renting a riad for holidays in Morocco is really interesting.

Attractive prices for a vacation rental

The first advantage of renting a riad in Morocco is to benefit from very interesting prices for your accommodation. Indeed, many travel agencies, but also Moroccan real estate offer affordable packages to allow you to stay in the best conditions within the red city. These prices are often much more attractive than those offered in major Moroccan hotels. Indeed, from 50 euros per night and per person, you will be able to find a beautiful Riad and best meets your expectations to live an exceptional holiday. You will make really interesting savings on your holiday budget, which will allow you to give free rein to all your desires and all your discoveries. The Moroccan real estate market is very affordable and this will allow you to live an exceptional stay without having to spend too much. You will treat yourself to an economical holiday, but without skimping on the quality of services and accommodation.

Living together in a traditional Moroccan home

Travelling is above all an opportunity to discover a new culture and a totally different way of life. Also, renting a riad in the heart of this city of Morocco will allow you to live during all your holidays in a traditional dwelling. The charm of the riad is total with its apartments and rooms gathered around a central courtyard, often transformed into a green and colorful garden. Thus, you will be able to put yourself in Moroccan life throughout your stay to make it really exotic and to make many discoveries. You will live in a true haven of peace and serenity in the heart of a dynamic city teeming with life. You will be amazed by the beauty of a riad with its mosaics, but also its inner courtyards, mouldings, colorful drapes and green plants. You will be full of eyes and you will come back with memories full of head.

A perfect type of home for several people

It is not always easy to go on holiday with many people. Hotels are often overcrowded and offer exorbitant prices. Also, the Moroccan Riad is a perfect type of accommodation to go on holiday with others. Whether you have decided to live this stay with your family with your children, or with several friends, a riad will be the most suitable option for your project. Indeed, you will be able to rent several rooms in a very large space so that you can enjoy it throughout your holiday and without stepping on yourself. Each person will have their own space and privacy when they decide to do so. It will be possible for you to gather in the living rooms or in the inner courtyards or on the panoramic terraces to eat, have a drink or just talk. The riads are houses that were built in order to accommodate many people on a daily basis. They are both functional and very pleasant to live since, all the necessary comfort will be made available to you. Thus, you can live with several people during your stay while enjoying a little tranquility, as soon as you can feel the need. The riads can accommodate up to ten people thanks to their large spaces and their perfectly functional layout.

Enjoy many options to make your holiday truly exceptional

Choosing a riad rental in Marrakech will also allow you to enjoy many benefits and options throughout your stay. For example, you can choose a riad with an outdoor or indoor heated pool, or a SPA so you can take care of yourself and recharge your batteries. Not to mention saunas and hammams, very popular in Morocco to chase away stress and fill up with serenity. Finally, you can even have massage sessions depending on the establishment you choose. You can also enjoy a large high terrace that will allow you to admire all the beauty of the city while remaining between you and enjoying in privacy. Thus, your holiday will always be in the best conditions and with the greatest comfort. These riads will make a duty to best meet all your needs and requirements to ensure your satisfaction. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a totally free WI-FI service to offer you the greatest comfort. You will have the choice between different rooms and even suites perfectly decorated in oriental style to immerse yourself in the magnificent and luxurious world of the thousand and one nights.

Riads perfectly located in the city of Marrakech

In addition, the riads that are open for holiday rentals are often perfectly located in the Moroccan city. Only a few meters from the most emblematic places such as Djemaa El Fna, or the famous Koutoubia, not to mention the Medina and its many souks. This will allow you to move very easily and very quickly through the city to not waste time and to discover all the Moroccan riches during your holiday. You will be able to fully enjoy your stay without stress and without fear of not having time to visit everything.

As you will have understood, the Riad remains the Moroccan residence par excellence to go on holiday as a couple, with family or even with friends.

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