Finally a social protection of domestic workers in Morocco!

Notice to owners! individuals, who employ, like thousands of Moroccans, good maids and other housekeepers. Until now, no regulation has protected these employees. No regulations required their employers. Everyone was free to value or oppress, pay well or under pay, give paid leave or not, and so on.
Or you had a company and you were able to declare them. Any owner-manager of a guest house, of course, had to declare his staff. But no private person could do it.
From now on, any individual is required to sign a contract of employment with his or her employees, to legalize 3 copies and to file one at the labor inspectorate.
In particular, domestic workers are entitled to a minimum wage, working time, holidays with pay and holidays.
Unfortunately, the social protection component: CNSS (equivalent of social security) and pensions, is not yet in place. But we hope that soon a contribution will be made so that all those people working anonymously are finally recognized, their health protected and their old days quieter.
This article of the Moroccan Journal Telquel is very complete and gives you all the details:

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